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Sense and sensibility.

Sense and sensibility.

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Acrylic on canvas
2 x 46 x 55 cm (1.2 x 15 x 21,7 in)
December 2022


If nature were orderly, life would never have arisen, not even the universe itself.
Imagine a movie with 3 frames. If they get out of place, the movie makes no sense.
If they are randomly rearranged in the 6 possible ways, there will be one in which the movie will make sense, without any other intervention.   With 10 frames, there will be more than 3 million permutations, and with 15, more than a billion. But, if all possibilities are tested, there will always be one in which the film will make sense.
Of course, we may not like the argument, because natural laws seem to care little about thinking beings and even less about their aspirations.

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