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2021    Online international collective exhibition. 118 artGallery.

            "It reminds me of someone". 26 august - 26 septiember


2021    Madrid. Contemporary Art International Fair. ArtistExperience.

            Carlos de Amberes Foundation. 1 - 5 december

2022   Online international prize. ArtRoom contemporary art gallery.

            Honorable mention diploma. 3 march.


2022   Online international collective exhibition. GalleryOne962.

            20 february – 10 march

2022   Milano. Mixed reality collective exhibition. M.A.D.S. art gallery.

            NFT Honorable mention diploma. 28 march – 3 april


2022   Osaka. OASIS 2022 Osaka Art Show International Selections

            Spanish representation. Distinguished artist diploma. May 2022

2022   Osaka. Collective exhibition Reijinsha gallery.

            June+July 2022


2022  Online international prize.  Art4competition.
          Figurative art. Fifth place Diploma.  5 july

2022   Milano. Mixed reality collective exhibition. M.A.D.S. art gallery.
            28 – 31 august

2022  Creta. Night of Contemporary International Fair. WOC.
             1- 4 octuber

2022  London.  International collective exhibition. Dystopia. The Holy Art

           Gallery.  20 octubre - 19 november

2022  Miami. Scope Art Show. 
Artifact Art Gallery.
            1 - 5 december

2022  Barcelon
a. Brain Cake.  M.A.D.S. Art Gallery.
           28  december - 3 january













I was born from very baby at some place on the side and leeward of Sistema Central mountains. And then I grew up.

I am jounger in spirit than in fact; and although life gifted me with few moments to dream and even fewer to paint, practising other occupations did not damage my idealism but allowed me to learn how to transmit concepts and emotions in a comprehensible and  enjoyable way, instead.

I am novice and self-educated in arts, which provide my work with the spontaneity of inocence, or even stupidity.

Each one of my works tells a complete and different story, both emotional and descriptive, usually critical with a human outrage, or scientifically instructive.










Artist statement

I am conscious that you are who decide wether I am artist or not. However I can say that my works are not quiet melodys of an steep time that swims in the astonishment of the comprehensible. They are more like a clear story told in a beautiful way. If sometime I say other thing... mistrust of me, may be I have no more stories to be told.










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